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September 11, 2015


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Good timing in this post, my friend. I mean... sort of. ;-) My husband just had a paper accepted today, less than 24h after he submitted the revised version, after an earlier (and mercifully swift) first rejection at another publication. He is also going up for tenure (no fears there) & this was his last shot at a "career award" grant and he's waiting to hear, but he has a feeling that maybe he won't get it. He was SOOOO close last time (two years ago), that it took them a whole year to finally pull the plug, instead of the customary 6 months. So maybe this bodes well for this second & last try? I mean, maybe not because his weakness was publications & he only had two (counting this one accepted today that he had put down as "submitted" in the grant application, sent last July).

Anyway... I have all but completely lost hope in ever getting a TT job, but maybe you saw my last post (won't repeat myself here). I don't feel like a failure, but maybe I should because in my case I don't have time OR motivation to even submit publications. Sigh... too much hassle to toil away for nothing. So I recently found out talking to a TT grad school friend who lives a couple of hours away, but who I never get to see, that my dissertation research is not pretty much outdated because one of the authors I write about has had many more works translated since 2008, so there's A LOT to keep up with if I want to claim to still be a specialist on the subject. Sigh... anyway. I hear you. And maybe I should try more, or maybe not.

I think your instinct for transparency is spot on. I've been talking about the dissertation process, warts and all.

Heh -- my grad school buddies and I used to call it the "imposter complex." And it pervades everything. I remember talking about just daily work methods with my adviser once, and how I was finding that I could only sit and write for...(sheepishly) two hours before I turned to mush and had to get up. I was sheepish, because it was really 90 minutes of quality work, followed by half and hour of pushing and clawing to fight my way to two hours.

My adviser said, "Wow, you can do two hours? I can only do about 90 minutes."

It's good to talk about this stuff. ;-)

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