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September 27, 2015


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My dad taught me in a giant parking lot. Actually at the state fairgrounds, which was lots of parking lots and roads with almost nobody on them. He'd make up scenarios. "That space is the driveway - pull in and then back out again to turn around." I didn't do as much of this as he did, and I think it would have helped a lot with one of the children in particular if I'd done more.

Maybe it's not "rocket science-y" but driving is not innate. It's a learned skill that needs patience and new ways of looking at things, and your approach makes a lot of sense.

I learned to back up easily during a (VERY) long afternoon in an area much like Tracy's fairgrounds. We drove all over it backwards.
But I wimped out and let Roger teach our kids to drive...

Thank you! This will coming in useful very soon.

My 15-year-old will be getting her learner's permit soon.....this is much appreciated!

This is brilliant. I still have 6ish years before I'm in this situation but I hope I remember this idea. Or that I remember to google it. Haha

That makes so much sense. I wish I'd had more of that kind of parking lot practice. I had a terrible sense of where my right wheels were especially and learning to judge that on city streets was terrifying.

We live in a big(ish) city where driving isn't that necessary. My almost 8 year old currently won't ride in cars (she is, as she explained to me, very environmental) and it isn't a big problem overall. But eventually I want them to have this skill even though it would be so, so easy just to skip it. Self driving cars will be a reality in 10 years, right? Fingers crossed?

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