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August 23, 2015


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I think there is always an element of selfishness to these things but I don't think it's a bad selfish. I, personally, need the novelty or a very specific goal in order to keep going. We just finished with our 6-week break in derby. My "plan" was to work on sprints and lower body conditioning on the same days of the week we would normally have practice. Did not even remotely happen.

When I did that half-marathon, I trained. Haven't run regularly since. For derby, I go to practice twice a week for 2 hours during our season and then do games/events about twice a month. It is taking time for myself (selfish?) but it makes me happy and keeps me healthier than I would be if this wasn't a part of my life.

Now talk to me about Kevin's current training for his 3-day event: 50k, 50 mile, and half marathon. ;o)

Go for it! I've completed 6 (easy, Danskin) sprint distance triathlons, and did the backstroke all the way. Some tris forbid this, I think, but you can always do the breaststroke, then a little crawl. My times were always slow, slow, slow, but I always finished. And...I started all this when I was 55 years old. PS, I'm a fellow SLP.

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