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June 06, 2015


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Try cookieandkate.com for seasonal fruit and veggie dishes. The photography is gorgeous!!!


Salade composee

These are cookbooks I actually have made recipes out of more than once:
Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely
Roasting by Barbara Kafka (especially pork roast)
Out of the Nest, Into the frying pan by Eileen Lafferty
Los Angeles Times California Cookbook

Check you library for these

We mostly used How to Cook Everything Vegetarian or 660 Curries.

Simplest Dal (from the HtCEV) is my most-used meal for when I'm feeling uninspired.

what I do when uninspired (which is often these days) is ask someone else in my family to make dinner.

My oldest loves to cook and has tried a couple of times to do the whole thing: menu planning, shopping, prep, cook, serve. She feels very proud to have accomplished a few meals.

My DH is on the hook 2x/week for dinner and sometimes I recruit him for a 3rd time.

And I have been known to finagle an invite from a friend.

But I do look at some food sites pretty regularly. I get the Cooking newsletter from the NYTimes now, and that does help. I have Smitten Kitchen and GlutenFreeGirl feeds on my blog aggregator and they are often inspirational, even if I never cook the recipes.

I keep a journal of favorite recipes and sometimes just paging through that helps.

http://www.budgetbytes.com/ has a lot of great one-pot meals. A personal favorite is this: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2014/06/chorizo-sweet-potato-skillet/

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