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June 09, 2015


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I am so glad you are not Ann Voskamp.
Out of curiousity, would you ask the procrastinator to pay for the new booking?

Yes, what rachel said. The procrastinator has to learn the hard lessons himself. You have to structure the situation so that you are not the one who suffers.

In my life it is my DH who is the procrastinator. Terrible when it comes to things like vacation planning, home remodelling, event production. We recently celebrated a major life milestone for our younger daughter. He was in charge of photographer & DJ and centerpieces (!!) that would be donated to a charity my daughter loves. I completely walked away from those things and he did fine. OK, I admit, I did recruit a friend to help him with the centerpieces and she did a bang-up job, LOL. And my daughter got involved in the DJ. So hahahah. not sure who learned what here.

There's no fee, except as measured in hassle. We booked a church hall for a Scout event. He has agreed to handle part of the list of tasks necessary for rescheduling. Realistically, it should not take me more than 20 minutes to do my part if all goes well.

I could write a long and bitter novella about this, but probably the less said the better.

Do you guide library book choices much? Just wondering b/c I struggle with this one too. I want to avoid too many super-heros and ninja turtles but at the same time I want him to brouse and choose what interests him.

This was not much of an issue when we were kids, was it? The overlap of books and tv/movies may have been limited to Little House on the Prairie and the occasionally Disney film-turned-book?

I have become much much much
less tolerant
over the years. I might say yes to one or two Barbie books per trip, but that's it. Dreadful children's books have always been around, I feel certain.

I call bull on the orthodontist's assistant. They're just being picky about how straight *they* want the teeth to be. Which is a pity, because your teeth will try their hardest to revert to where they originated post-braces. (Nota bene: http://www.amazon.com/GUM-632-Soft-Picks-40-ct/dp/B001F0OMPS -- because flossing with braces is important, but a huge PITA.)

Oh, please don't ever become Ann Voskamp. One is more than enough. Your own voice is perfect.

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