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June 17, 2015


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I read Great Expectations in 9th grade and I remember enjoying it much more than most of my classmates. I just finished it a few weeks ago as an audiobook, discovered I had forgotten most of the plot, and didn't enjoy it near as much as I had remembered. But it was still a good listen.

I was thinking about age and experience in how I enjoy a book recently. I read The Sun Also Rises when it fell into my hands this spring, and really enjoyed its beautiful language even as I mourned the various brokenness-es of the characters. I think if I had tried to read it (or, horrors, been assigned it) in high school or even college, I would have been just disgusted with everyone. But lately I feel very keenly how everyone is probably fighting a great battle because I surely am. 15+ years of fighting through life everyday gives me... sympathy? No, compassion... for fallenness.

I'm going to join you in reading Our Mutual Friend. Will be slow going due to kitchen remodel in process. But maybe this will help me stay sane!! (??)

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