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April 29, 2015


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The quote was from a FB comment by Thomas L. McDonald. I doubt I could link to it, but it is accurately quoted on my blog here:


Hi Jamie :)

As you know, I am a live and let live person, completely and totally...
and I am all for "free range parenting", although I don't always practice it myself (I cringe at the free range label though...children are not chickens).

I'm not sure why the Meitiv's case makes me uncomfortable. A colleague who I so respect calls the mom a "civil rights leader" (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn/201504/meet-danielle-meitiv-fighting-her-kids-rights). In my heart, I know that may be the case. I just personally would make a different choice if it were me...

I think my other issue with this debate is this:
The Meitiv's seem like highly educated individuals of high SES. Therefore, people are more prone to listen to their side and accept their choice.

What about those of lower SES? (Like the mom who left her child in a park blocks from her place of employment because she couldn't yet pay child care costs? The child was fine and mature enough to stay at the park, but she was still arrested and no one seemed to be taking her side on social media...or like one of my students, who left her child in a cab with a paid fare because her babysitter backed out and she needed to go to class to take a final exam....the child was perfectly fine and happy in that cab, but the police were called and she was charged with neglect).

I think that's actually what bothers me most about this whole debate...it becomes a social class issue for me.

Sorry for the book, everybody! Back to work I go! (Now I understand why no one reads the comments section re: this issue :)

No, no, this is exactly the kind of comment I like to read! I'd be happy as a clam if comments sections raised questions like yours.

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