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April 27, 2015


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This story has really been a don't-read-the-comments situation for me. It's the attack of Bad Things Only Happen To Bad People all over again.

YES, I agree that it's a "don't read the comments" situation! I think I actually found out about this story from you (on facebook? maybe?). Anyway... It's OUTRAGEOUS that children and parents don't have the freedom to do small things like these nowadays. It's definitely too much interference of neighbors and police in other people's lives! How can we push back? apparently it's not possible? :-(

I truly think there is a time to push back and a also a time to look at things from a different point of view. Knowing the story, I think the family pushed back a bit too much. They knew they were a target for the authorities...why not pull back just a bit, making a case but not having to prove it oh so much. My son will say at this is my 40 year old self talking, as he reminds me that my 20 year old self was a bit of a renegade (Lol)...but I also remember that my 20 year old self was scared to. Why put yourself in danger of losing your children just to make a point? However, I respect their bravery in fighting this fight.

There is so much emphasis on "college and career ready" in my kids' school system. But no one talks about "life ready."

Last year I moved into a sort of urban neighborhood near a college campus. I'm 4 blocks away from the road that is considered sort of a dividing line between "safe" and "not safe" although there is plenty of petty theft on the "safe" side too. Anyway, I'm a block and a half from a playground (west of it..so just as far from the "line"). I thought that my 10-year-old would be able to play there a lot, but it turns out that other local families don't seem to be comfortable letting their kids play there without an adult. This is partly the Meitiv-type issue combined with a "sketchy neighborhood" issue, but I don't see how we can ever make it less sketchy if we don't do the things that people do in non-sketchy neighborhoods! It really bothers me. Totally with you on this!

"Why put yourself in danger of losing your children just to make a point?"

I've already had a couple of people pull the thing where they go "I'm going to avoid engaging your real point by pretend that you were horribly inappropriate to compare two things that are only similar in the relevant aspect but otherwise dissimilar" on this, but: If people were never willing to put their families at personal risk to "make a point," many of the advances of the civil rights era would never have happened.

True...but there is a difference between making a point yourself and using your children to make a point.

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