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March 27, 2015


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I know. It's so hard when you have a Thing That Is On Your Mind and for reasons -- the privacy of other people, or worrying that revealing something will come back and bite you somehow later -- but yes, when your blog is the way you think things through, it's so stunting.

I also have a Thing that I would like to blog about but don't. My blog is seriously stunted and has been for months, I think mostly because of this.

Whatever you want to write, I would love to read it. Or if you want to write about not writing about something, maybe that will help you figure out how to open up?

Oh dear. Virtual hugs from someone who has friends who struggle and, thankfully, decided to seek help. And I'm sure other people I know struggle with this, but nobody around them knows. So, I hear you. Thanks for bringing up such a difficult subjet.

P.S. I didn't comment much, if at all, but the croissant series was SUPERB!!! Way to go. So happy to have you as a bloggy friend for so many years now. You're such an inspiration. I really want to meet!!!

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