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March 04, 2015


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Sounds like a good book for me.

It might be a great fit for you, bearing, and I bet you'll find it interesting. He recommends high volume, though (i.e., 6 workouts per week in the run-up to a race), and you've written before about how 3x per week is the sweet spot in which you can build fitness while also meeting you family's needs. Take a look and let me know what you think!

I will, I've already ordered it. I'm interested in running not for competitive performance but for lifetime fitness and strength, and maintaining the ability to go for an easy run and enjoy it; but someday it will make more sense to prioritize going for a run or swim 5-6 x per week instead of 2-3x. I tried RLRF and it worked reasonably well, although I had to progress more slowly through the workouts because I don't get to the gym the recommended number of times per week, and sometimes I'd rather swim.

My husband might be interested, too, though, as he enjoys running for fitness but is perpetually injuring himself or recovering from an injury.

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