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March 11, 2015


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Our habits are our masters--choose the good ones!

Loving this series!!

I always love your analogies! This series is wonderful. You can totally fill a book and give away your tl;dr at the beginning...but everyone will keep reading!

OOO, this is good - and you know no good deed goes unpunished, right? So here's the next question: What would you have done if in spite of the consistent modelling and authoritativeness, Stella HADN'T come with you? If you're still in the stage of cultivating habits? Because as I see it, my options are to engage in negotiations, which as Carol said are ineffective and painful (and not always practical), or to pick up the kid bodily - kind of physical follow through. The latter tends to be messy, and often painful for both of us as he kicks and screams ans scratches. It also makes me feel like crap: surely there's a better way, one with less teeth-gritting? And surely Jamie can describe it in yet another pithy-yet-detailed post, complete with telling examples?

...what about a self-published book? I think you have enough blog posts for an essay compilation. I would buy it!

Oh, thank you, THANK YOU! What I find wildly helpful is especially the specifics -- the anecdotes and analyses of such moments of tension, your strategies (and the philosophy behind them), and the outcomes.


Thank you so much for this series! Ditto what Alexandra says about sharing specifics AND philosophy. I started off parenting the way you describe but as the kids kept coming and our circumstances kept changing, I started yelling more and feeling like the original, gentler ideas were just not sustainable somehow. I love having the example and wisdom of an older mom to encourage me that it IS possible, although not without effort, of course! Erin at Bearing Blog's posts about St. John Bosco have also been super helpful. Likewise the post from Melissa Wiley that you shared.

Maybe it would be too much to pull off, but I'd LOVE to see some kind of Catholic parenting book/pamphlet/collection of essays/whatever from the three of you. Based on what I have seen in my own life and in conversations with my Catholic friends, there is a huge need for this. Some of my friends are familiar with attachment parenting for infants, but many of us don't know what to do after that, especially as the babies keep coming and the homeschooling begins, for example.

Wow, that's high praise to be lumped in with Melissa AND Jamie! Thank you!

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