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January 25, 2015


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I went on a quilt retreat Thursday through Sunday. I cleaned house and did laundry before I went, and I got a LOT of sewing progress made on several projects. I cleaned out my sewing tool caddy while I was there, too. I'm calling it good enough! I hope you feel better soon.

We finally took care of the laundry rack problem and oh it's made me so happy. We went to Ikea and got a sturdy rack that screws into the ceiling and has wall braces to replace the cheap free-standing rack that had developed such a list that it was useless for hanging clothes on. And bonus: the new one has a shelf over the hang bar so I can finally get that stupid box of paper towels out of the middle of the room. Hooray for extra storage space.
Next step: clearing out the master bedroom closet. That place is a scary pit of despair.

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