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January 18, 2015


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I was thinking about you today when I was putting away Christmas and Chanukah boxes. I also cleaned cobwebs (fwiw I used the telescoping pole that has various purple attachments, and it worked well.)

I just got up and put all the too-small and wrong season toddler clothes into a storage bin so now she has room for the clothes that fit. Phew. It took two minutes to do.

I got sideswiped by the start of school, so I'll be whittling away at Christmas stuff this weekend. (A friend of my husband's came over today, and playfully wished him Merry Christmas as he was leaving.)

"Decision fatigue" totally resonates with me. I'm the queen of analysis paralysis -- which is why the "whittling away" approach to sprucing things up is something I find really appealing. I said something to a colleague recently about trying to approach my house differently: maybe spend a half an hour just making this room BETTER than it was. That's it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

THAT, I could do.

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