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January 11, 2015


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I thought I had a success but not quite! I rounded up every disposable camera that my daughter had anywhere in the house--5 all together. They rode in my car for a month before I finally took them in to be developed last week. I picked them up today and handed them over to her at home. One envelope was full of somebody else's photos. So now I have to back. Looking on the bright side, the photos were all nice and normal, so my daughter didn't see something offensive. Whew! Digital photography is really the way to go, for so many reasons!

Budget is done. Spreadsheets are done. I've started taking down the ornaments. Planning to get that done by Friday, so K can take everything back to storage in the attic. That's about it for this week. Though there is a spiderweb in one of the skylights, so I'll add getting rid of that to the list.

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