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January 03, 2015


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nay, forsooth, I be not able. For I am still working my way through Bleak House, haltingly, again and again. That is my only classics resolution for the year. I SHALL FINISH BLEAK HOUSE. (No, it still hasn't grabbed me. Though I like so many moments… then I put it down again.) Only my supreme stubborn nature has me continuing. That and I made the mistake of telling you I would read it.

Goooo, Tracy!

Oh Jamie, it's a lovely idea. I am so tempted to say yes. BUT, I was just hired for my first job and I start tomorrow (I am, as I type, procrastinating on some lesson planning) and I am reasonably certain that every spare moment I have between now and June 12th is booked.

I do think/hope (please don't laugh at me!) that I will have a better handle on things once I get my first half-year of teaching out of the way. We shall see, anyway. And meanwhile, I will enjoy reading about your adventures.

I am IN. I'm embarrassed to say that I have read little Shakespeare since high school...I am so excited to start!

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