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January 17, 2015


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I think I need to re-read Lear again. I've always felt that Cordelia's love rings false somehow.

We just watched As You Like It, which I've never actually read. I think I need to sit down and read it now. Actually, I started to read it but got distracted by the Riverside Shakespeare's introductory materials and never made it to the actual play.

A friend on Facebook asked what is the most beautiful thing we've read (Bible excluded.) Several people said Shakespeare, and I was rather surprised to find myself dismissing his claim. I love his plays, but I think for beauty I'd tend to turn to lyric. Shakespeare moves me but I seldom am tempted to sit back and think: that was beautiful. Not like Eliot or Hopkins does. What do you think? Would you put Shakespeare in the most beautiful category?

Short answer: yes. This deserves a post of its own, though!

Have fun with AYLI -- it's a favorite of mine.

Question: are you only reading the plays this year, or is it a goal to see them too somehow?if you have seen videos, do you have favorites?(you know, the question of whether Shakespeare should be read, seen, both...?) I am teaching Shakespeare for a jr. high coop class right now, and am scrambling to find good scenes to show them (we are doing Romeo and Juliet right now, and Leonardo De Caprio as Romeo=not good)(tho i am showing his balcony scene to them anyway)Just wondering....:)

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