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November 30, 2014


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I'm hit or miss with CI. I like the odd revelation but often skim over the experiments. I want to increase my skill level, but i have some doubts about "ultimate" recipes. I only like his essays when they're about his children. What I do love is the section on tips sent in by readers. I have only used a few of the gear reviews.

I have a subscription to CI online, but not the magazine. I use their recipes for ideas sometimes and other times just use the recipes as printed. I agree with you, however, that sometimes their recipes go over the top in terms of time and effort for the final product. I'm thinking particularly of a blueberry lemon scone recipe that had at last four parts and took over six hours to complete. Was it delicious? Well, yes. Can I make a scone almost as delicious in under an hour? Also yes.

For what it's worth, i just made their roasted chicken breast recipe and it was excellent.

Oh, also, i really dislike Kimball's little editorial missives. Yes, Paul, we get it: rural Vermont is quirky, odd, and vastly superior to the rest of the United States.

I can't do it; I HATE being told that there is a "one best way" which gives a result at odds with my tastes! That said, I have ONE recipe of theirs(for King Ranch casserole) which was complicated and time-consuming at first, but I can now do in my sleep. However, I scoff at canned pumpkin: homemade pie-pumpkin puree forever!!

Chris Kimball too often seems to be putting down the mere mortals who don't know The Right Way to do something, and after a while, I can't take it anymore. (Which is too bad, because the food often looks delicious. But really? One and only one right way? And everything else is not merely less right, but is actually wrong? Bad, even? Whatever.)

Now, I do enjoy the occasional tip, or the explanation for how some culinary thing WORKS...but I feel like Alton Brown accomplishes the same thing without the superior attitude. ;-)

I hate the little Vermont missives, I admit. And I like the nerding out part where they explain exactly why everything works and how many times they had to test each part. I don't subscribe anymore because I just don't cook enough, but I still make their carrot cake recipe from like 15 years ago (it is PERFECT) and a pad thai recipe that is aces.

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