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November 17, 2014


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I honestly am looking forward to the knitting as metaphor post.

My mother told me that, since my brother and I wanted the dishes she made to be unchanging, which is not the way she cooked, she would just tell us something was the way she always did it. It worked fine until we grew up and started asking her to write down a recipe for the way she always used to make something.

Yay! I love peeking at other people's shelves! And wow, I did not expect your cookbooks - I think we have no overlap (I have Nigel Slater where you have Nigella, but that's the only far-fetched link I can find).

Not to be a contrary annoying friend or anything (though I am, I know ;-) but Caldo Verde is made with very thinly sliced collard greens, not with kale. They are very similar veggies, but not the same. I make many soups with kale, but not this one. Of course I don't eat chouri├žo (or chourizo as it's spelled in English) so I never ate the real thing! ;-) Now, I've never used a CUP of garlic, WOW!

Oh, and I don't think it has white beans! It's just a thin potato based broth with the thin long collard "ribbons." (and the chouri├žo) It is recommended to drizzle Portuguese olive oil on top! ;-)

Thanks for the photos! I may not be reading for the photography, but I love it when you share photos. I love photos! (and I didn't write anything on the previous discussion post, but I fully agree with Marie -- I read fast, so I prefer reading than watching videos, so I never watch those...

L, you are not in the least contrary or annoying! I was hoping you would chime in about caldo verde.

Rachel, I would love to see a picture of your cookbook shelf.

(Hi, Kira and Luo Lin -- nice to hear from you!)

I, for one, would gladly read a 1000+ word post than ever watch a video blog. Only a handful of people do nice, newsy posts anymore. Everyone else has an agenda. What's with that?

And two, count me in surprised to see your cookbook shelf. That would be a fun meme! Having seen your inspiration (and in case you needed more NaBloPoMo material), would you mind doing a post about what meals you consistently make for your family? What's in the Most Gladly meal rota?

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