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November 02, 2014


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des crêpes is "these crepes" while "de crêpes" means that the gateau is made OF crêpes! ;-)

Can I suggest another idea for another year? Well, my aunt made another kind of crêpe-like cake (which we call "panquecas" in Portuguese after the English pancakes, I guess) that has a similar principle, but different execution.

She would make the crêpe batter colored green (cooked spinach), orange (tomatoes, carrots) and dark pink (cooked beets) and then use sauce (which was red, but could be white) in-between the alternating colors. You pile them up and cutting the pile looks so beautiful! You should try that too! ;-)

In theory this sounds delightful, but it's odd enough that I realllly need a picture. (And do you then have a salad on the side? or is this enough for supper?)

All right, Rachel, I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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