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September 18, 2014


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Yeah, I would have a stomach ache all weekend about this, and then I would do the Low-Key Strategy with the coach while sweating a little and trying not to sound defensive.

Argh about the other mom. What a wasted chance for the boys to walk home together! And also -- fraught.

Love the category title.

Jamie, you are brave! (I really mean it!) I identify COMPLETELY with you in this whole situation, including wanting to take a stand but not wanting to confront anybody.

My 10 yr old rode his bike to his soccer practice this week, escorted by his 12 yo brother. It's about 3 miles each way with a bike lane for most of it and a couple stretches with heavy traffic. I think some parents were a little surprised but I won't know until the game on Saturday whether pushback is needed. :)

The recent incident in Austin in which a stranger escorted a 6 yo boy home from playing alone in a park 150 yards from his home, and CPS told the mother that she just shouldn't let him play outside ---- well. That made me more determined than ever to keep trying to shift the culture. I'm with you!

Sane Mom Revolution, of course!

I'm with you, too. We chose our current neighborhood and stay here in part because our children can get to school and other activities by themselves.

I'm amazed that the coach put a kid in his car without a parent's express permission.

I hope the low-key strategy works! You'll have to give us an update. I think .7 miles is perfectly reasonable for a 9-year-old.

I really want my son, currently 8, to be able to get around on his own (we bike to work, bike with him to school, etc). He has ADHD and seems to have an exceptionally hard time maintaining focus on things outside of his own brain, like walking without running into walls or riding his bike without running into cars. I haven't figured out how to best help him learn to navigate the neighborhood safely - do you have any tips? He's an only kid so no older siblings to help fledge him.

I have to admit I'm a scary cat. I personally wouldn't be comfortable with a child walking to practice or ballet, but I applaud those parents who are. They are obviously way less anxiety ridden than I am.

I do think it is harder for only children. Walking in twos feels so much safer to me...

My fear, evidently, does have to do with a situation that occurred when I was a teen that scared the bejeebers out of me. There are creepers out there. However, I know the stats, so I completely realize my fear is totally due to personal experience.

Still, I understand the hesitation of others. I just don't understand the judging...nor the "taking the situation into their own hands" reaction. You are the parent, and you know your children and what they can handle best.

Meant scaredy cat! I'm totally not scary!

I have to second the surprise at the coach driving your kid home without express permission. That's all kinds of liability waiting to happen.

Ugh. It would have my stomach in knots. I want my kids to be bold and independent. Circumstances have dictated that we won't be conducting any sane mom revolution experiments any time soon. We live in a little pocket neighborhood and the library, playground, and other destinations kids might go to are all on the other side of very busy streets that I'm very apprehensive about crossing myself with the kids in tow when we go for a walk. The crossings aren't protected and people don't drive carefully. But I wish I had a neighborhood park I could let my kids walk to. I'll have to settle with boldly letting them play in the front yard and hoping that no neighbors call the police again.

You are right. The end.

I'm toying with the idea of sending my six year old up the block, around the corner, and across a street to the corner store as part of Sane Mom Revolution. I haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking about it. And I let the six and four year old run about a hundred yards ahead of me down the sidewalk on our busy street. I'm trying to think of other relatively safe ways to push, but I'm not coming up with a lot of things yet.

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