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August 08, 2014


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This is the thing we didn't consider, when we bought a house where we did. Our kids cannot leave our 26-house neighborhood without being on 45mph country roads, and the nearest retail establishment of any kind is the gas station, 1.2 miles up those roads. The nearest place they would actually WANT to ride their bikes, should I choose to ignore the multiple close calls that bikers in our areas report occurring every day on our roads? The ice-cream store, 5 miles away, to which _I_ am too scared to bike.

I was going to the bookstore by myself when I was 7. I was biking to the bowling alley when I was 10, taking the bus to the mall that same year, and taking the bus downtown when I was 12. It really bothers me that I haven't given our kids that life. I'm going to have to hope for some sort of anvil moment when they to driving age, because there's just no good alternative for us where we live. Sigh.

Jody, I don't think it's necessary for kids to get themselves to and from their homes -- I just think it's necessary for them to learn to get around. Maybe in a case like yours that it might happen on campus: get yourself from this kids' activity to dad's office by x time, leaving a little window to stop by the union for popcorn or whatever, or building in a request to stop by the bookstore independently to find a particular item.

Got the kids going to the grocery and drug store down the street alone, check. whew. I have a 14 year old walking herself to the high school alone today for registration, and she is fine with it (while I am irrationally worried, probably more about the high school aspect than the walk). This child is anxious about riding the city bus so that's on my list of things to teach her to do. Thankfully no crazy neighbors have called CPS on us!

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