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July 12, 2014


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You deserve that email! Retread away!
And you are always, always missed!

I really, really REALLY want to see those pajamas! Front and back. Just put them in a skirt hanger and take photos for us. Please? Pretty please? I loved those leggings you linked to. I would totally totally wear them (with a cute solid sweater skirt or a sweater dress that goes to my mid-thighs -- I wear a lot of leggings this way in the winter). I don't knit & don't know anyone who does, I wonder where I could get leggins like those. They'd probably cost a fortune! ;-)

Oh yes I missed you. And another vote for seeing the pajamas. I'm really intrigued by knit pajamas, but I can't imagine wearing knits on my legs while sleeping. I get overheated too easily.

Oh the worms on the broccoli! That happened to us when I was pregnant with Bella and in the fullest throes of so-called morning sickness which was always worse and worse as the day progressed. I wasn't so sure I could eat the broccoli anyway what with my hyper sensitive smell and food aversions, but I was going to try. Until Dom told me to close my eyes and took it away. After that I avoided broccoli for the rest of the pregnancy (and broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables too) and it's only in the last couple of years I've been willing to buy broccoli at all from a farmers market and only because I really really like the folks at Second Nature Farm.

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