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June 15, 2014


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okay okay okay… I am going to bite. As in, I have one more book for the summer reading program at my library, and it has to be another "element", and Bleak House will fit the "Classics" element definition… so I'm going to give it a go again. Because I just managed to finally read Foundation Trilogy by Asimov (for the science fiction category), and my initial instinct was "meh". And I was right. It was totally meh. But I FINISHED it. Finally.

So my initial instinct with Bleak House has always been… well, I don't really like this, why take up my precious reading time with it, I read plenty of good stuff, not just fluff… But Jamie loves it, and makes such good points, and besides that, now I'm curious about the busy count…

So I just checked and the library has 3 copies… I'll let you know if I manage to power through and finish it this time!

I'm not finished with Bleak House yet, but am already feeling sad about leaving these interesting and crazy characters! I will miss them!!!

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