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May 22, 2014


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oh man, I managed to read about 8 pages of Bleak House today, actually, make that 3 or 4 because the iBook I got for free has over two thousand really short pages. It's WONDERFUL and I totally wish I could read it with you, but you're going too fast! I'll try to continue, though. It's just that I basically didn't sleep last night, so this day was nearly useless... sigh...

Almost summer! Well, it's summer for 4 out of 5 in my household now, with the college sophomore waiting on one more final tomorrow. Then it will really be summer.

We have no idea what we'll be doing this summer. Waiting on results of the community theater audition, and more details about extended school year program for Robbie, and if K is definitely teaching a class this summer or not… A lot of big details!

We will have summer in 1 week. Right now we are out of town for a wedding - it is our only planned family trip for this year so I hope to make the best of it. Sharing a rental house with my brother and his family, which is awesome since we seldom see them.

I'm impressed with your summer plans. Mine are less detailed but we have some highlights I'm looking forward to: one girl goes with me to Europe for a week in June to celebrate a friend's milestone event. Another girl goes to Florida for a week to hang with cousins. While both kids are at sleep-away, hubby and I have a much needed vacation which will include sea kayaking around the San Juans. The rest of it will be work work work. My reading plan is to perhaps pick up The Snow Leopard and talk about it with some friends in a quasi book clubbish kind of thing.

I gave away all my maternity/baby clothes and haven't turned up pregnant, but one never knows.

I am going to get. Bleak house from the library, but probably won't start reading until Friday. It's the last week with all the trimmings.


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