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April 16, 2014


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I wonder if your item 1 deserves some rethinking. Is it about the knitting? Or is the knitting serving some purpose in your life that you haven't fully identified?

I find myself playing computer solitaire a lot more than I probably should. It serves no one but me. I think it's about me needing some quiet alone time. Is there a way to satisfy my need for that time that isn't solitaire? I don't know. If you spend less time knitting how will that affect other parts of your day?

Awww... that's beautiful! I totally hear you on 2 and 4, although for me, because I anticipate lukewarm responses, I end up just NOT wanting to cook or not cooking which is not only sad, but irresponsible of my part! And tell me about patience with chores -- I don't have any! :(

Thanks for continuing to blog, I'm glad there are no words of advice against it! (it's so therapeutic, isn't it? I'm so GLAD, **always** that you're still blogging -- so many people just quit! You always make my day when you blog. Thank you, friend.

Oh, and RETREATS ARE THE BEST! I'm going to help organize one for the fall. We led (and I cooked, sometimes for 60+ people) five retreats while in college from 91-96. Ah, those were glorious days!

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