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March 07, 2014


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I like pictures, but not too many. I agree with you on the recipe blogs--a pic of a crucial stopping point is helpful to avoid going past it, and I love seeing the end product. I don't need to see endless onion-chopping photos. I read a LOT of cooking blogs, and I'm pretty opinionated on those.

The rest? A pic is nice, especially if it's about a project that has come far or been finished, or a child who has met a new milestone. Stock photos do nothing for me.

Not being a knitter, I appreciate the photos of the finished projects. Otherwise, I figure that some blogs have photos and some don't.

I LOVE photos, but only if the blogger has tons of content and excellent texts (sans photos) once in a while too. One excellent example of a blogger who posts TONS of photos and which I started reading two years ago and now I'm a HUGE fan is "Girl's Gone Child" by Rebecca Woolf. I love her GORGEOUS photos of her amazing family (boy - 7, girl-5, twin 2yo girls, one blonde one brunette) and sometimes she has photo-only posts, but ONLY because she also writes many heartfelt and long posts about their lives, so I KNOW who these people are.

I don't like "eye-candy" type of blogs such as Pioneer woman -- it's all staged and directed by photographers, etc. It's ARTIFICIAL.

Dooce also posts a lot of photos and they look pretty professional, but it's real, it's her life. I think that's what is the decider for me: I only like authentic, heartfelt writing and photos.

I love it when you post a photo here and there, but I am with you in that I prefer LOTS of text.

NOW... the only reason why I don't post tons of photos is related to my ADHD & perfectionism: 1) I need to DECIDE which ones! 2) I need to make them look pretty and I don't ever edit my photos (see the "authentic" and real that I wrote above) -- another reason I don't edit them is having to decide what to do exactly...

yeah, that's basically it for me. I don't mind lots of photos, I love lots of text... it all depends on who shares them. :)

I love pics, in moderation, that relate to the post and/or are simply lovely illustrations of one's life. "Moderation" to me means 1-3 pics per post, more if it's a long post or if there's a picture-says-a-thousand-words situation with the post.

I agree with the general sentiment so far: pictures are nice in moderation and especially when they advance the content of the post.

I do kind of love pictures though, so I probably go overboard on picture posting binges from time to time.

I did really enjoy the way that the pictures and the text worked together as I wrote about dissertation writing as mountain climbing. (http://kolokoli.blogspot.com/2013/02/on-days-like-this.html)

I like a few smallish pictures in long posts just to break up the wall o' text/help me keep my place. I have a decrepit computer, so it takes forever to load posts with 20 high-resolution pictures of the mountains somebody visited. (They're very pretty, but one mountain looks much like another to me.)

No pictures. In fact, I cringe inside when I see a blog I like adding pictures - dilution! The only exception I'll take are pictures of the blogger herself, and hardly anyone does that....

I like both. If people like to take pictures, I usually like seeing them. But I also love some text-centric blogs too.

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