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March 29, 2014


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oh, your oldest sounds like such a sweetheart! I had to google dry socket and I'm still cringing just thinking about it! Yikes! Poor thing, it's so lovely that he handled it so well. And though I agree it's not fair that he had it, maybe you should look on the bright side (as I've always done with my kids, even though it's not the nicest thought): I'm always happy when my oldest and "cheerful when sick" boy gets sick. Although now my youngest who used to be a hard sick kid to handle is getting better at it!

In any case, it truly was heart-breaking to imagine your 4 year old talking to you so cheerfully about throwing up in his bucket).

As for plagiarism -- that's totally awful! I'm sorry you have to deal with it. Here's some virtual cheering up as you have to keep on grading -- the worst possible chore of any teacher! Sigh... and prayers for healing for your son.

Teaching is so neat, grading so dull, and plagiarism always gave me a stomach ache. When I was absolutely up against the wall and had to blaze through a stack of essays, I would go to a coffee shop where no phones would interrupt me, no housework would beckon me. Of course, this was long before cell phones or children.

Blessings, wisdom, and speed!

I'm so sorry on both counts. Grading is bad enough. Plagarism is the pits. Prayers for your perseverance.

Ugh -- good luck with the plagiarism. I caught a group member plagiarizing in a project once. It haunted me to think what would have happened if I hadn't spotted it. I called him on it and got no apology, he just moved a few words around and thought it counted as his own work. I rewrote it, of course. This was teaching college.

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