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February 02, 2014


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Wow. No wonder it took you so long to write coherently on this. Mmm, formaldehyde - that's what I want in a nice hot shower.

I wonder about the cancer cancer cancer around here - we've only been here (near the birthplace of the nuclear material for Manhattan Project) for 5 yrs or so, but they're dealing with containment and cleanup (when the federal govt can be persuaded to include promised funds in the budget, that is) in the ground water next to a major river, and have been for years.... And all I see is anecdotal, but.... At what point does acceptable risk become unacceptable?

Great post, Jamie. My DH's work is in environmental remediation and his big soapbox issue is total costs. So many industries incur costs to the environment and the citizenry that are never enumerated, much less paid for by the industry that is responsible. We all subsidize these costs all the time and most people never realize it. They are very real costs, just not always monetary, as you so well explain (cancer!). Any evaluation or comparison of companies, industries, or "job creators" ought to be taking the TOTAL costs into consideration. The intentional ignorance is maddening.

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