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February 26, 2014


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Any yarn advice for a knitter with a bona fide wool allergy? I can do baby alpaca, but even cashmere makes my hands itch.

Look for some nice cotton? I really like cotton/wool blends, but I don't have a wool allergy. Wool is nicer to knit with, but I like the feel of the finished cotton garment better.

Totally agree on the using good materials! Although I am currently knitting with some wool/acrylic blend (Plymouth) that was a gift, and I've surprised myself with how much I like it. Good needles also make a big difference.

Oh, dear, that's a bummer. I'd say find yarns that make you happy and run with them. If you are looking for other animal fibers there are options. Camel? Llama? Angora?

Well, I just splurged on some silk/alpaca. But I guess my strategy of doing a lot of variations of cotton dishcloths is still good. (Full disclosure -- I do knit with acrylic, because scarves and hats and wrist-warmers are kind of pointless in cotton. And my kids have pretty nearly enough dishcloths.)
Thanks for the help.

While I don't have a wool allergy, my whole family has very sensitive skin and I have to be careful what I knit with for them. I actually like a cotton/silk or bamboo yarn for a lot of things. Knitpicks makes a cotton/acrylic blend that I really like for kids things; it has a nice feel to with from the cotton but has just a bit of spring to it from the acrylic so that my hands don't hurt. The only downside is that it doesn't keep me warm like wool--I don't know that anything does.
I make a baby sweater for each of my kids as they come along and I like to try a new technique with each one. First one was mock cables, second was fair-isle and third was decreasing cables and buttonholes.

Thanks for this, Jamie!

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