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January 27, 2014


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You have a lot of choices, but I think only your last two options are really options. Adding extra ribbing is just going to make it feel wrong if he pushes the sleeves up.

Sorry. I would just want it to be my best gift, even if I had a lengthy do-over. Offer it up as penance? Or give yourself a mighty reward when it's done to your satisfaction? Whatever feels better, I think.

Oh, don't worry, Celeste, I wouldn't dream of making the ribbing asymmetrical! The very thought makes me twitch. That's why it's in the same list as surgically shortening my nephew's arm: not gonna happen.

I hate to say it but I think your last option is the way to go. It's horribly Pollyannaish of me, but I try to thinking of frogging as just another step in the knitting process. You're not going backwards, you're that much closer to the finished project you envision!

Good luck with it.

I'd frog back to the join and knit another inch. My most recent knitting project was ripping the sleeves out of a sweater that I knit in 2010 and knitting them again so that the next child can wear it. They were crazy ape sleeves - way too long and baggy.

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