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January 16, 2014


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Oh the mystery knitting needles! The curse of all of us :-)

I have an Addi Turbo's kit and I love it. I never have to go get into my other stash and all my sizes are always with me. Love it! I did the bamboo kit, because I don't like the metal, but my friends all have the other. Worth the special investment ... took my two years to breakdown and purchase one day when I had the money on hand.

Meanwhile (non-knitter that I am) I just want to scream: "I WANT THAT SKIRT!! I love it! It's green! it's gorgeous!" :-)

I have odd collections of needle sizes, possibly to deal with different types of yarn? Bamboo for the slippery slidey yarns, metal for the ones that won't slide at all, etc.

But my latest needle mystery happened after I'd finished one Christmas gift scarf, and wanted to start another. HOW could I lose a set of needles that I'd JUST FINISHED USING? And yet, no needles.

Of course, I had to go buy another set, and couldn't find the ones I wanted (shorter, less slippery), and had to buy what I could get my paws on. Christmas wasn't waiting for lost needles.

Of course, once I'd gotten about halfway through the scarf, I found the other needles.

Add 'em to my seven sets of size X....

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