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November 06, 2013


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YIKES!!!! That's unbelievably horribly BAD! :(


Gnashing teeth, screaming in frustration...

I wrapped this up quickly last night to go to bed, but I should add that many insurance companies do cover rental of hospital-grade pumps in this situation. The ones that deny coverage aren't going to advertise it, of course, so I don't know how the numbers shake out.

What to do with this information? Perhaps writing it out and giving it to La Leche or some similar advocacy group so that women in the dire situation you describe might access it and have an effective argument to make with their insurer if needed?

Sheesh. I had totally bought the line that, whatever problems there may have been with the PPACA, at least protections for breastfeeding mothers and their babies would be improved.

Guess someone should have read the thing before they passed it.

And it's even worse than that! Because babies who don't develop NEC but whose mothers can't provide milk for them still have to be fed in the NICU, and they get formula. Generally they get special preemie formula, which I am sure costs much more than $2.17 a day.

I remember gnashing my teeth about this when my twins were spending their two weeks in NICU. We were fortunate to be able to afford the $60 out of pocket for the hospital-grade pump our insurance didn't cover. But what if we hadn't been? Our insurance would have ended up paying MUCH MUCH more than $60 for the formula our babies would have needed while they were in the hospital. It was phenomenally stupid that WE were paying money so THEY could save money.

(It helped to remind myself that establishing my supply well would save us money in the long run, too, and it definitely did. But during the hospital stay it was just so frustrating.

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