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November 14, 2013


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Suuuuure! http://mirielmargaret.blogspot.com

Because Feedly likes to torture us, probably.




I'm very, very slowly transitioning from Typepad back to Blogspot. The URL is http://raisingweg.blogspot.com/ (I thought I was going to do NaMoBloPo, but that went by the wayside.)

The transition is taking forever because I threw everything on Typepad into draft status when G developed Feelings about my having written publicly about her childhood, and now, if I want to preserve the dates of all the original posts, I have to republish each post one at a time. (ARGH.) My plan is to republish everything behind a password on Typepad, print the whole thing, preserve a private copy on a free Wordpress site, delete the Typepad account, and revive my Blogger account with the most anonymous of my original content. There are a few posts about Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding, and the NICU that I hate to remove from the Internet altogether.


I mostly like Feedly but they did seem to drop a few things.

I do! http://awfullychipper.blogspot.com/

From Kelly over at http://inthesheepfold.blogspot.com




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