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November 19, 2013


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE art museums.

My greatest regret in life was when I found out I could have been a STUDENT member of Philadelphia's Fine arts museum for THREE YEARS and seen Dalí, Wyeth's retrospective while he was still alive, etc, etc, etc, BUT I only found out on my last available year, when Renoir came to town.

Sigh... I didn't go to Dalí or Wyeth because we were penny pinching and the thought spending 40 dollars to see art was downright painful. Sigh... I didn't know I could have spent 36 dollars for me to be a member for A FULL YEAR and then just pay the full ticket for K.

I did enjoy that one year I had as much as possible.

The Art Institute... ah, I visited it only ONCE back in 1997 and it was there that I saw my first Chuck Close. A white haired, blue eyed old man. We could NOT believe it wasn't a photo. And then we STUMBLED onto Close's retrospective on our very first visit to MoMa. HOW LUCKY IS THAT? (that's why my regrets don't last long, I know I've been fortunate in other ways in the "seeing art" department of my life hahaha). In any case, K & I became huge fans of Chuck Close.

My true love is "silly" though -- Monet & any impressionists.

Oh, and I'm making this comment into a post in my blog. Sorry for hijacking your comment section!!

Oh I so agree about Jackson Pollock. I spent half an hour staring at one of his canvases in the Metropolitan Museum. Mesmerizing doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm glad to find someone else who appreciates him.

I've only been to the Art Institute once, but oh yes I'd love to go back. I'm so glad we have great art museums in Boston.

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