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November 24, 2013


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"How will I find you in a crowd if you don't have red hair? You're my mom and you have red hair. You're going to have to dye it."

That Pete, he kills me.

For what it's worth (setting aside the how-to-find-you-in-a-crowd situation), I think of covering gray hair in much the same vein as I think of covering blemishes with makeup, or of wearing clothes that help camouflage figure trouble spots and highlight your best qualities. It's okay NOT to do it, if you either (a) don't care or (b) have a strong desire/compulsion to practice humility in that particular way, but I also think it's perfectly okay TO do it. It doesn't seem to me like the connection between dying one's hair and vanity is a necessary one.

31. I've had grey hair since at least 22 so, yes, I dye it.

I hear you on the identity thing. Who am I without red hair?? Let me know how the henna works if you try it. I already decided to try the JFR henna when I need it.

I'm 51 and going from deepest brown to silver. At your age I was coloring but I was unhappy with the resulting texture change. It's all grown out now. I'm working on keeping a great cut and appreciating it for what it is. I'm not ruling out coloring, but unless I decide I can afford the time and expense at a salon, I won't do it.

I'm sure red-hair-dye technology has come on a lot since your mom said that.

My dad's nickname was Badger as early as his thirties, and I've been finding stray grey hairs since my mid twenties, but now that I've hit 40 I can see that it's picked up pace. I dye it, and try to find a natural-looking reddish brown that's pretty near what I'd like to think my real colour is.

I think dying your hair is like shaving your legs - do if you want, don't if you don't want; don't read any big feminist meaning into it either way.

Found my first gray at 32...right after I got married (coincidence? lol). I've colored...but now am just letting it be...then I get surprised by how much gray hair I have, then I color it again. It's a horrid cycle. I just feel better when my hair looks less than 50% gray. When I look old, I tend to feel old. Henna just makes my hair a wierd purple red...so I go to a beauty supply store and mix my own dye. I've always been temped to go blue or purple, just for fun.

I've got a few grey hairs, but not very noticeable. I don't think I'll dye, but I won't say never because I might change my mind when I get there.

I covet grey hair. Perhaps when my hair goes grey people will stop telling me I couldn't possibly be old enough to have children as old as mine or to teach a university class.

I've been letting my gray come in peacefully for a few years now (I'm 46 and dark brown-haired, so the silver shows) and thought I was all copacetic about being comfortable in my own skin, etc. But lately a few too many people have taken me to be older than I am, and it bothers me! I've worn the same pants size for years, I do yoga nearly daily, I update my wardrobe and make the effort to dress well, I eat lots of vegetables and get enough sleep, I use the age-defying eye creams. I picture myself as a still-relevant kinda-hip forty-something and it's disappointing to realize that's not how I look to others. So I've been toying with the idea of actually doing something to cover my gray. We shall see … I hate the idea of the ongoing maintenance it will require.

I suspected my first grey hairs at 25, but they could just have been super light blonde hairs. I didn't really notice them much until I had my hair done for my sister's wedding and the stylist swept the hair back on both sides of my face, revealing grey streaks in the dark blonde.
I'm 34 now and the grey streaks are still there. (My little sister calls them my fox streaks). When my hair is long, they're concealed, more or less and look like whiter streaks. I've never dyed my hair (except temporarily blue or purple as a teenager). I don't know if I will once the grey gets more noticeable. If I'm like my mum, the grey will slowly creep from the front to the dark. She started going grey at 25 and now at nearly 60, she's more or less completely grey. I don't mind the idea of being completely grey, it's the inbetween I'm not sure about. I keep saying at some point I'll cover it up, but professional colour is so expensive! And I'm not sure about dyeing it myself. Maybe I'll just leave it.

I’m 48 years old. I pulled all my grey for a few years, because they were so few. Then I just pulled the ones in my part and around my face, leaving the ones under my hair. I'm still getting away with this a bit, but the grey is gaining on me. I suspect it won't be long before I let them go. I'm a brunette with red and blonde highlights. I don’t plan on coloring at this point. I don’t want to spend the money or the time. Sloth and frugality win over vanity! I think the best solution is what someone else said; a really good cut. I love a good haircut. That always looks sharp and/or healthy regardless of the color.

I'm 49 and have some grey. I've played around with highlights for a few years, and that's worked for me. I'm reluctant to do the full dye thing because I know I won't keep up with it.

I like to think I'll age naturally and gently, but I'd dye my hair in a heartbeat if I greyed prematurely or if I (like one of my friends) was repeatedly asked if my husband was my younger brother.

I agree with pigwotflies: I'd rather be all grey or all brunette; it's the in-between that looks funny.

Why is grey okay as an adjective, but the past tense verb seems to be grayed?

I started graying at 18 and that was the age I pretty much decided I was a redhead. :)

I think the idea your mom is talking about is that red + white = Pink. It totally does if you don't get the right hair dye color. Colorists have been willing to help me find what I need even though I dye my hair myself. I'm over 50% gray...perhaps 75%. I don't tend to think mine looks fake but I also don't care much if it does so I'm not the best person to ask.

Henna looks fake and brassy. It's not something I've been willing to try because I also hear it's a P.I.T.A. to apply.

I refuse gray but have been more and more considering platinum...it would be easier to hide the roots I think. I still like my red.

I haven't done anything to my hair yet. I'm 39. I've never colored my hair ever for any reason.

When I first started getting gray hairs, I held out hope that they were going to go grey in a super-cool Bride of Frankenstein streak emanating from my hairline, ideally just a bit off-center. Sadly, it was not to be. :( I have very dark blonde hair (at first glance it "reads" as light brown) and the grays are, it seems, evenly distributing among the not-grays.

If I ever color my hair I think I might like to create the aforementioned gray streak. I hate the idea of coloring in order to attempt to look younger; I want to look my real age. But I like the idea of using it to create a certain look that acknowledges (by leaving a gray streak) what my "real" color is.

I am 42, and my hair is at least half gray. I color it with a vengeance, because I have a four year old, and people have already mistaken me for her granddaughter, and I am a jerk and can't handle that. Okay, one person. Still, it stung.
But it's not vanity, because I do a terrible job of coloring my hair (forever grabbing the wrong box, or missing a bit over my left ear, or dying the tops of my ears), so instead of people thinking I'm a grandmother, they think, "Oh dear. What did she do to her hair?"

LOL, Kira! You are mostly me!

Had the grandmother question. Mine was from another child and it rankled me :P

I can't go out in public on days I color my hair b/c of the streak of color I leave along my hairline and ears. Pulling my hair up isn't always safe either b/c I miss bits.

I'm 44 btw.

I'm 37. I have a slight sprinkling in my hair of grey, but nothing to notice because of my hair color. I have my hair highlighted once in a while and when the grey gets more pronounced I'll probably get it colored until I'm a little older, say 50 or so.

I've never been beautiful so I don't put too much store by how I look, but I think it's good to look as nice as I can and to take care of my appearance. That's why I color my hair. In my mind, 37 is too young to just roll over and take the grey. It's like wearing make up only I don't have to think about it every day. But, to each his own.

I'm 48 and a significant part of the very front of my hair is white, as in my bangs and two streaks down the sides, plus occasional white hairs scattered in my light brown hair. Or I should say was white because I recently had my hair colored again. I hadn't had it colored in a couple of years. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I think the first time I had some of it colored was when I was 37. I'm mostly just happy not to have gone grey/white as early as my mom (she had mostly white hair by the time she was 28 or so. My grandpa (her dad) was all white by 18. Like I said, having grey show up in my 30s was nice in comparison!). I only have it colored at my salon. She does a great job and I am happy to have done it again.

I am <1% gray. Maybe I am only 0.1% gray. I will stop lamenting pronto. :-)

I'm 43 and the last hairdresser told me that he wouldn't say that he found many gray hairs, but he did notice a "bit of sparkle."

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