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October 06, 2013


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I am so glad you are here, still writing. I need you here :)

My 17 year old and I were at a CSA festival today - working at a cider stand. Our co worker was a new, confident, nursing mom.

She said "I'm so glad I can provide for my child in this way"...

And I remembered...I used to think that too. I felt so confident in my body and what it could do then. I needed no money. I could feed my baby/toddler/preschooler and not have to worry. I could provide.

Tomorrow, that 17 year old who nursed for oh so long (other people's words - not mine) takes his drivers test.

And I also think "Be safe, sweetheart. Be well. Be loved."

Thanks. Reading your posts about all this, eight years ago now, really helped me.

This was beautiful to read. Congratulations again on your wonderful family.

Oh my gosh, I'm blinking too hard and I still can't see clearly.

Jamie, I've never thought of the months and years of nursing in quite this way: "Like her guardian angel, they will offer her silent and invisible protection for years to come." That is a beautiful idea. I also relate to feeling sad in the end (and only a little here, too) because it was so right and such a success, and not because I didn't do it well enough.

I've appreciated every one of your posts about breastfeeding over the years, and this one too. Thank you.

I'm a lurker, but this was really beautiful.

You are amazing. Thank you.

I'm a lurker. I lurked here through the tough, tough first few months of nursing my baby.

And it turned out a beautiful success, for both of us, for a long and happy time, in no small part thanks to the excellent advice on your blog. Thank you for writing about this so beautifully.

Beautiful. I cried. I shared it on my blog.

Thank you for being my mentor through 48 months of breastfeeding. But 102? FANTASTIC!

All your posts on breastfeeding have really helped me, even though I struggled with low supply (PCOS) and ended up pumping and feeding for my sleepy 38-week c-section baby who wouldn't latch...and gave up at 18 weeks feeling like such a failure. My second baby, on the other hand, nursed like a champ (despite my low supply and despite needing lots of supplementation), and is still nursing at almost 15 months. I never, never imagined myself nursing a toddler but am really treasuring this wonderful experience with what is almost certainly my last child. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom.

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