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September 06, 2013


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I made the IDENTICAL childbirth comparison the last time I posted. Bad blogger!

O please please please don't quit blogging! Too many people already did. Sigh...

I'll pray about your appointment. And oh, how lovely that your daughter is taking ballet lessons!

See-- it must REALLY be like childbirth on some visceral level, because you come back to the same comparison :)

Yay for a new post! Don't quit - we'll wait, and you'll always have however many posts you put up.

#3) I got on this train two years ago. Applied for life insurance and came back with elevated liver numbers.

If your elevations are mild, don't expect anything to be medically resolved anytime soon. Expect to have a lot of bloodwork done and the doctors to explain that it is hard to say why it is happening and the myriad of things it could be, but it doesn't merit invasive procedures which would settle the question but does merit monitoring. So you'll have your levels checked on a regular basis and watch the numbers go up and down. And expect to pay through the nose for the life insurance. :)

It's hard to be in that suspended place. I might have some terrible liver disease or I might not. I'll know in 5-10 years. :/

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