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August 27, 2013


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I'm happy for you and proud of you for your new job.

And eternally frustrated (with mixed feelings because maybe it's not meant to be) because the likelihood of me ever having one diminish every year. Sigh...

I have this intense loathing of academia coupled with fascination and desire to be part of it. It's very hard. for me at least.

Yay - good to hear from you Jamie! :)

Lilian, I came out of graduate school with an expectation I would never be part of academia (something I learned while there, I think) and I still have moments of nostalgia for what I won't have. My degree is in math, and I watched Proof (the movie version, with Gwyneth Paltrow) as I was finishing my thesis, and wept because I knew once I stepped away from math at that high level, I would *never* be able to come back. "Math is a young man's game," they say, and it's not as true for women, but still.... Sigh for a door closed. I hear your loathing/fascination, at least in part. I wish you the best with a hard job search.

Still can't really wrap my head around the summer being gone....

I have no idea whether YOUR students' particular requests are reasonable, but from my own perspective as a grad student I can say that I always, always, always appreciate organization from professors that allows me to plan ahead, and found disorganization incredibly frustrating. For students (like moi) that try to stay on top of things, things that feel like the professor is being last-minute can feel super defeating. So...just putting in a plug for the grad students. You too have been one! Treat them kindly:-)

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