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July 26, 2013


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ACOG invited Dr. Amy to speak on home birth? This doesn't actually surprise me. They're going to hear what they want to hear.

#5 is nuts. She is one of the most medicalized OBs I've ever read. It is doctors like her that make women run to homebirth. I'm sure she would label my last low intervention hospital birth with an OB as dangerous and irresponsible because I declined a lot of stuff. Though my doctor didn't seem to think it was a problem.

oh, i'm sorry the letter got discarded. I'm sure you have to handle way too much paper.

And... NO! don't say that about 43, it makes me dread it so... A year minus two weeks until I'm there. :-( I do keep saying to K that we're old, really old, so I already feel that way sometimes.

YEah... and the kids not cleaning unless specifically asked & not liking some of our dishes... yeah, I hear you. Sigh...

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