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July 28, 2013


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It depends on execution. Haagen-Dazs did a coconut macaroon limited edition this year, and it was wonderful. Also one called Caramel Biscuit or something like that. But less-premium brands don't always get the soggy-to-crunch ratio right.

I am very very fond of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough icecream. Weird concept really, but I love it.

I love them and never thought they were weird. It's not any different to me - texture wise - than a brownie sundae or an ice cream sandwich. Cake batter flavor DID surprise me, but I quickly learned how delicious it is, so no problem.

I'm 36.

36 and my favorite ice cream flavors involve cookie dough, chunks of cookies or brownies, and the pretzel ice cream actually sounds good to me :)

I used to enjoy cookie dough ice cream back in college, and now I just can't be bothered. But the Chubby Hubby and I were quite the item, before I swore off Ben and Jerry's for the sake of my arteries. And I used to enjoy a good brownie sunday.

BUT...I never eat ice cream and cake at birthday parties. I don't like the texture combination. I don't like ice cream on my cake, or cake crumbs in my ice cream.

I'm 42. (Still waiting for the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, though.)

I definitely have texture issues with ice cream--but maybe different from yours. I've never liked nuts or chocolate chips in ice cream, because they get caught in your teeth and the last thing you taste is those, instead of ice cream. I love Reese's cups on their own, but can't stand the little teeny ones in ice cream because the texture isn't any good when frozen. And I don't like brownies in ice cream (which is weird, because I like brownies WITH ice cream), and I don't much like cookie dough in ice cream either...But I do LOVE Oreos (so mint chocolate cookie is preferred over mint chocolate chip or Butterfinger in ice cream, so those seem to go against my preferences. Agree with Kristin that cake and ice cream aren't that good together. I will get them together at parties, but I invariably eat the whole piece of cake, and then eat the entire scoop of ice cream. (I only eat the cake out of politeness, since it's supposed to be the main deal.) Ice cream cake: That's the best solution for a birthday (with no icing--ice cream plus icing is terrible!).

I guess generally my favorites are still flavors that are either perfectly smooth (eg, coffee) or have some kind of swirl in them (eg, coffee with a fudge swirl), rather than the flavors with all the additional stuff, so I totally get your point of view. I'm 43.

well, I guess I had baked goods in ice cream way back in college, in my undergrad days, though it might have been frozen yogurt. But I love brownie pieces and strawberries and chocolate syrup mixed up with ice cream or fro-yo. And you know I'm older than you, but since I had it in my "youth" - it doesn't count toward your survey?

I am not one to buy ice cream from the grocery store with baked goods in it. My favorite ice cream is vanilla. With a topping. Either chocolate, hot fudge, or caramel. But my favorite "concrete" is eggnog flavor with brownie pieces (concretes are made at our local Eskamoes - which is frozen custard. Speaking of frozen custard, I still miss Jarlings Custard Cup...)

hah, food and age questions will get me typing like no other! I'm 37, and I love cookie dough flavour (but pretzels really are weird). Which should work against your theory, except that 1. I dont really like ice cream in general, so you know, instant disqualification; and
2. I like cookie dough ice cream in a trashy, this-isn't-really-that-goood-but-it-hits-the-spot way

I have never thought about it as a problem, and definitely like ice cream with "stuff" in it (Oreos, brownie bits, Reese's-yes. Pretzels-don't know), although it's probably not my very first choice. Coffee ice cream is my all-time favorite. I'm 38. No wait... I'm 39. Already forgetting. ;)

Interesting poll! I just bought myself an ice cream maker, too!

Related topic: Why did ice cream makers begin with the baked goods inclusion? My theory is that the baked goods manufacturers needed a market for their "crumbs."


I agree with you wholeheartedly!!

As for that theory, it is flawed! I ate sushi nearly 40 & I love it!

I've been a cookies & cream fan for as long as I can remember. I love DQ Blizzards, preferably with Reese's Cups. I do not like them with M&Ms because the crunch/smooth combination is annoying.

I do not like hard brownie chunks, cookie batter, or, horrors, pretzels in my ice cream. I refused to let the boys buy pretzel M&Ms because that sounded terrible too.

I think it boils down to my not liking to crunch through my ice cream. Oreo bits are softer than that.

I am 34.

Isn't cookie dough and unbaked good? I don't like the idea of eating cookie dough period.

I'm 44 and I prefer texture and saltiness in my ice cream. Love pretzels and chocolate. I will curl up and cry when Breyers quits making waffle cone and chocolate chip ice cream. I like adding bananas to it for extra texture and to fool myself into believing that it's healthier.

36. I've always liked brownie sundaes, and will occasionally add bits of broken sugar cone to my ice cream. I like ice cream with brownie in it, and Tillamook's Marionberry Pie's slightly salty pie crust is a really nice balance to the berries and cream ... But any type of cookie/cone that is expected to be crisp seems like a bad choice for packing in icecream - I'd worry it either would be mushy, or be frankenfood to stay crisp. Cookie dough isn't a go-to favorite, but I like it. I'm similar to giddy above - I don't like hard things in my ice cream. Nuts, frozen chocolate chunks (hello? You can't even taste them, they're so cold and hard), Nerds (??).... I will survive crushed candy cane chunks in peppermint ice cream, but would prefer they not be there - ice cream isn't supposed to stick to your teeth like that.

When I was young, I remember being pro/con on the bubble gum flavor at Baskin Robbins, with real chunks of bubble gum in the ice cream. On the one hand, if you rescued them you'd have gum to outlast the ice cream... but on the other hand, you might be swallowing gum. And then there was the whole bubble gum flavor.....

I admit to buying the ice cream that's "Stuffed!" and "JAm-packed!" with baked goods and candy bars. The more crap in it, the better, in my opinion. I like candy in ice-cream better than candy or ice cream alone. I'm going to eat some right now.

Age 37.

Our former housemate once complained that my husband and I are incapable of buying 'just ice cream.' It always, he said, had to be "Chocolate swirl volcano peanut butter mint bamboo with extra dancing fire ants!!!!" Guilty. I like ice cream with stuff in it. And I love salty/sweet combinations. My husband likes chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint chip, but hates nuts or most hard inclusions.

I'm 34. He's 33.

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