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June 22, 2013


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Cupcakes. You won't be sorry.

Wait. Hold on.


That CANNOT be correct.

(The party sounds lovely. I would maybe possibly have one more activity planned just in case. Just bubbles or play-doh or stickers on paper, nothing requiring shopping, just having accessible one extra thing. Because of the whole FOUR AND A HALF thing you've apparently got going on there. People might move quickly, and not necessarily in unison, is what I'm saying. Although if the weather's good, just let 'em entertain themselves in the backyard and call it a faire.)

(Also, sometime you're going to have to report back on what the heck happened to a year or two in there. Because I swear there's got to be a wormhole involved.)

I have always hated party favors, and therefore avoided them, and have never been reported to the Party Police. If the girls are taking home Princess Masks and Princess Popsicle Sticks, then that's plenty. Their parents should thank you.

Sounds like fun!

I have no experience with pink parties, only Legos and StarWars. However, my party planning is usually: tell kids to play in the basement, do one planned activity, eat cake, open presents. I realized that once I embraced the fact that they were going to run around screaming with light sabers, I wouldn't be irritated.

So my vote is: do the activities you're excited about and then send them to the backyard if there's any time to fill.

I'm also a big fan of the 2 hr party. After that, everyone seems pretty done.

Oh yeah - like Beth said, if they're making something, that's enough of a party favor for me.

Our last 2 parties (we seemed to skip them the past 2 years. Whoops), kids went home with light sabers they made for one, and Lego sets they'd put together for the other. No bags of little trinkets. No guilt here.

I always try to give useful party favors or food that will be eaten. Yours sound great! The whole party sounds great and I'm betting you'll have to do less structured stuff than you think. When you get five 4yos together, they're going to just have fun playing.

Cake vs. cupcakes: I would think your four growing boys would very readily offer their assistance to deal with a problem of too much cake.

I think the party sounds perfect and the masks and popsicle-stick princesses are quite enough 'goodies' to take home. Hope a good time was had by all -- including you!

This party sounds awesome! I am a subversive mom who fully supports a total ban on gift bags


I also rant about half-birthdays, not thinking of the kids born so close to the holidays. Sorry!

My daughter turns four in August. I may lift a few of these plans.

When my daughter was dancing princess age, the Blue Danube Waltz was a very successful accompaniment. Hard to go wrong with Strauss, you know?

Also, I fully support your non-gift bag inclinations.

How did it go??? sounds so lovely & fun! ;)

So happy to read that others hate party favors as much as I do.

Also - I am not a princess but would still like pink streaks in my hair. Am actually wearing hair tinsel right now :)

Party favours -- just say no!! I don't like getting the junk and I won't give it. Usually we just give the balloons we got for the party to the kids as they go.

You are way more organized than I am. Birthday parties at my house usually involve a lot jumping on couches and very little else.

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