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June 14, 2013


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Congrats on your first-author publication!
I hope the wool mask gets taken off before he falls asleep at camp!
Maybe try an ice pack on the swollen arm?

I love that balaclava.

Congratulations on the publication, that's AWESOME!

That is a really really cute herb garden. I understand now why the grass was threatening to take it over.

My sons don't really watch many movies (just Thomas ones, Cars, the Lorax), my husband wants to wait for a long long time before they can.

Congratulations on the manuscript! That is balaclava definitely is a labor of love. Great work! Braveheart came out when I was in Junior College and the guys in my group had to watch it at every single get together. I enjoyed it at the first watch, but got tired of it very quickly.

Did you take the TT job?

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