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June 19, 2013


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1) I switched to feedly and I've been happy so far.

3) I hope you get good responses because I need to hear them.

I think my friend switched to "Old reader" or something like that. Others swear by... I can't remember, is it "feedly" or something? Sorry! I don't use readers & I'm SOOOO happy & relieved that I'm being spared this particular transition. P.S. yes, above commenter said feedly.

No good help w/ #3. I hardly ever regret staying up late, that's MY problem. ;)

2. New shoes!

3. Wish I knew. I'll be following comments!

1. I'm using feedly. I like it. (Though I don't like the mobile app version of it)

2. No idea, sorry!

3. All I can do is remind myself how ill I get when I don't have enough sleep, But I have CFS so I've had to learn to get to bed on time or crash and crashing is not fun.

1. I'm using feedly. It took a little fiddling with the settings to get the interface how I wanted it. But the back-end transition is seamless.

3. No idea. Someone please tell me.

1. Everyone says feedly! I went with NetVibes and I like it. Mobile app is cruddy, but maybe you don't need anyway?

2. Hope your feet feel better. Soak them in epsom salt?

3. somehow I'm managing to go to bed earlier lately. I got a FitBit Flex, which tracks steps, but also measures sleep -- so it's actually making me want to go to bed properly!

1. I also like Feedly (which I am using) but have heard good things about Bloglovin.

2. new shoes and standing on a tennis ball to massage feet.

3. no clue

2. New shoes, definitely -- and go to a running store for a consultation/fitting to make sure you're wearing the right kind of shoe for your stride. Longer strides need more support in the heel, for instance.

3. Usually by forcing myself to get up at a (reasonable) early hour and not take naps for a couple of days. Then I'm just too exhausted to stay awake late :-) I am not claiming that this is a GOOD system, but it usually works.

1. Another vote for Feedly. Second the sob.
3. ha ha ha ha ha, I wish I had any idea.

1. I've been using Feedly. It's not quite as good as Google Reader, but I liked it a lot better than Bloglovin'.

2. I haven't any experience there because I generally only run when being chased.

3. I too crave quiet after the little one has gone to bed and stay up too late as a result. Unfortunately, she does not accommodate me by sleeping in the next morning.

1. I'm with you and will try feedly after reading these comments.

2. tennis balls. don't need to stand on them, really, just massage your arches while sitting.

3. waiting for you to tell me your solution, but I know for our house it would have to start with an earlier dinner which already seems impossible given the work schedule of both parents. When I was a kid I helped my mom solve this problem by preparing dinner starting around age 14. I'm hopeful that I can get my girls (13 & 11) trained this way?

1. I switched to The Old Reader and it is working just fine. It looks and feels very similar to Google Reader and moving my stuff over was easy.

2. Dunno, but what kind of soreness are we talking about exactly? If it's muscle fatigue then ankle rolls, point/flex, toe spreads, etc should eventually help. Rolling a 1.5-2" dowel under the arches feels great.

3. ME TOO. I have no tricks. I basically have to strong-arm myself when I can muster the will.

I'm pretty happy with Feedly. AOL Reader isn't bad, but Feedly has more features I like. Didn't love The Old Reader. Keeping an eye on Digg Reader, set to launch soon.

Worth migrating your data to Feedly now, while you can--you can always shift to something else later. Just log into Feedly.com with your Google Reader account and the transition is painless. Before Monday! :)

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