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June 13, 2013


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Love this posting...
Last week, I decided to scrub the shower...actually, I decided to pour half of a container of bleach down there and let it sit for a while and magically it would be clean.
It was exciting!

After 10 minutes, I decided that I would drain the bleach and then, since I needed to take a shower anyway...well, I would take a shower in my nice bleachy smelling tiny shower.

Yeah. Good idea. I almost passed out from the fumes.

Oh, Jamie :) Sorry to hear about the seat.

My last fun-with-bleach went like this: I was bleaching the bathroom floor to decontaminate it, and I didn't think to check that the over-shoot pee accumulation in the corner (that is supposed to be mopped each week) had been cleaned up (it hadn't). What does old pee turn into? Ammonia. So I'd just mixed ammonia and bleach, and had to escape to fresh air ASAP.

If you buy Lysol or Clorox brand under-the-rim goo and let that sit for a good long while, it works magic.

The moral of the story is that if it takes more than one coat of bleachy stuff, then it might be worth taking a trip to your favorite orange apron clad box box store and buying a nice new seat.

Sigh... I don't know what to say either, excpt that I should go clean my own toilet bowls. Sigh...

I hope you can help the herbs win the battle against the lawn. ;)

Oh, this made me giggle. =) Thanks!

Oh man my toilet needs to be cleaned. And the shower too. So much mildew. I've been putting it off because I so hate the smell of bleach.

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