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May 10, 2013


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You mean chickweed? Hummingbirds love that stuff in Texas. But if it'll go in a salad- awesome. I wonder if it has medicinal properties? My first aid kit has plantain balm, stinging nettle tea, and soon comfrey in it. I love wild crafting from my back yard.

Ah, it appears they are not the same thing! But it is used as a tonic, good for the humors, and to relieve indigestion. http://botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/i/ivygro16.html

Oh Jamie I would be so MAD if anyone came near my asparagus patch! Hope you have happy, healthy veggies all summer long.

(And when did you even have time to plant your garden? Ours is always so wet. Too wet to till.)

#4 - to look at or to eat? I love the yellow flowers because I love yellow flowers.

Interesting how many weeds are edible. Dandelion, purslane, buttonweed (aka malva neglecta -- love that name!), thistle. It's almost like the earth is trying to get us to eat our greens, or something. :-)

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