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May 18, 2013


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Times like this it's nice to have a friendly neighbor you could borrow a motor mower from. We have friends who have a small car that satisfies 99% of their needs and they just borrow our minivan for those times they need something bigger, like a trip to IKEA or Home Depot.

Or you can contemplate the philosophical merits of character derived from struggle. :)

I share a battery mower. It seems crazy for every house to have one.

I tried a reel mower, but I couldn't get it to cut the grass. I'm still not sure if the mower was defective or I was. I used one at my last house and it was fine, but tragically it got lost in the move.

I loved our reel mower. I loved that you could actually hear people talk while you mowed the grass. I loved that I didn't have to annoy the neighbors who were out enjoying their deck. Unfortunately, we purchased a brand that the reel was to be replaced rather than sharpened and they stopped making them. :P We bought an electric mower. My real aspiration is to rid ourselves of grass completely...by xeriscaping rather than salting though. Not sure what our neighbors will think.

Why don't we live closer to each other?

Maybe you could find a teenager with a gleam in his/her eye and the family gas mower in the garage, and ask him/her to mow your lawn if this happens again next spring? Life is short, you're paying your environmental dues, teens need cash, blah blah blah.

Sometimes it's OK to cheat a little while getting back to beauty base zero (oops, Hunger Games reference there, maybe not putting anyone in a pro-gas motor mood).

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