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May 21, 2013


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I well-remember those posts and they never made me fall asleep on my desk.

I'm not saying I read them with super-close attention, mind you (I had no context for real comprehension), but you can safely wish you'd written more without fearing that your readers would have been injured or even offended, I think.

Jamie: I completely get this.

Some people blog stories about their kids for no other purpose than to help them remember the stories later. I blog recipes so I can find them later. If I had been blogging during my dissertation -- assuming that wouldn't have been the procrastination straw that finally prevented this camel from ever finishing -- mine would have been full of that stuff too.

Sorry you didn't blog it back then. It would have been great. When I was working on my diss., I kept a paper journal of notes -- diary style, not file-cabinet style -- so I wouldn't forget some detail and could say, "What was that thing I found about in November last year?" Yeah, if only it had been SEARCHABLE BY GOOGLE. AND INDEXABLE BY CATEGORIES. What a great tool that would have been.

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