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May 16, 2013


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Two thoughts:

-if you are running now and weren't then, it is entirely likely that it's muscle weight.

-I feel weird suggesting this, given that I'm still a spry whippersnapper in my 20s, but I have eight aunts and a mother who all griped throughout menopause about about how near impossible it was to take off any weight, no matter what they did or didn't eat or how often they exercised. Short of major illnesses or stressful life events, the weight they had just kind of stayed for awhile. Not suggesting you're there, but it was a trend in my family.

But bravo to you for striving towards a positive body image! It's hard to change a mindset that's worn a groove in your mind.

You've written several times about giving up sugar, and I don't ever quite understand what you mean. Are you going to stop eating granulated sugar by the spoonful? (Don't laugh; that was recently a Life Lesson at our house.) Are you going to stop sweetening your cooking? buying foods with high-fructose corn syrup? buying foods that are traditionally sweets? buying foods with "sugar" or any of its chemical aliases anywhere in the ingredients list? eating fruits and milks and other naturally-sugared foodstuffs? Are you going to dry the saliva out of your mouth so that you don't break down the simple starches? Are you going to consist entirely on Atkins's diet of proteins and fats? Are you going to have a serious conversation with your liver where you tell it THIS IS IT, LADY, NO MORE TURNING MY FOOD INTO GLUCOSE, YOU KNOW I CAN TOTALLY REPLACE YOU ?

I'm mean, there's "no sugar," and then there's "absolutely no sugar," and I don't understand what your goal is.

I have been baking honeyed sourdough bread. (Aside: apparently honey the same sort of sugar as HFCS, though your local honey has your local allergens in it.) I tried putting lots of honey in the bread before the first rise and the yeast ate it all up and the bread wasn't sweet at all. Lately I have been honeying it twice: once for the first rise, and then some thin stripes of honey before I roll the dough up into a loaf. This helps the loaf stick together better --- much less of the crust pulling off in a big arc --- and occasionally the honey will pool somewhere so that you take a bite and say "WOW, I must be living right." Would you like some? I could send you single- and double-honeyed and see if you can tell the difference.

I totally know what you mean about rebaselining. I weight 40% more now that I did when I started college. I don't expect to ever go back --- I think that the new me is too much for the old package. I'm basically exactly the same size as Dad is now, and he's all right, so I'm not too worried.

This is probably the longest comment on your blog since that time I computed some huge factorial.

Right around the time I turned 40, my body unilaterally changed the weight-maintenance rules on me. One of the new clauses seems to be "eat fewer grains and legumes". I can stay at my preferred size by forgoing most of the starchy-carb category. I'm sure giving up sugar would help too but nothing is going to separate me from my chocolate! Not having grains leaves more room on the plate for veggies, which I consider a win-win.

You're an inspiration.

I'm struggling with a similar change in my body in my early 30's and back in grad school. I feel like I'm eating healthier than I ever have, but still adding pounds and inches every season such that I weigh as much as I did in the third trimester of my pregnancies.

Coming up with a plan like yours but for my situation has to go on my list for this week.

I'm really curious about your five vegetables a day. It seems so daunting and yet an attractive goal. But I was wondering if you'd mind writing a bit more about the nuts and bolts. How do you spread them out over the day? How many are green vegetables? How big is a serving? Basically what do a typical day's meals look like when on this plan?

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