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April 03, 2013


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I cleared all the junk off the open shelves in my kitchen where I keep cookbooks. My family all got sick and I didn't, so I had nothing else to do (besides laundry).

Re: socks, how about hot-gluing a bunch of clothespins to a piece of plywood and hanging it behind a closet door or something near where you fold laundry? Odd socks can go there. We have a similar system for mittens in our mud room.

Do you have a drawer in a sideboard you can give over to the socks? How about a little basket on a high shelf? Or a wire basket affixed to the wall in the laundry area?

My niece learned the sex of her baby to be. I was just going to give her stroller money but I was seized by the need to come out of baby-quilt retirement. I've got my design and fabrics, and am trying to do a little in it every day with hopes of presenting it to her at her shower in early May. If I have to mail it later I can, but for now I'm being propelled forward with the idea of having it done in a month. COULD HAPPEN.

If there are only a few (five or less), I just toss them back in the dryer. Maybe they'll seek out a mate on the next spin cycle.

So now I feel foolish, but after I match up all the socks (and boy did it take me too long to get smart and buy each child his or her own brand of white socks), I take all the extras and ....

put them in the drawer of the person to whom they belong?

At some point, the child or adult gets to the point where there are only loose socks in the drawer, they take two of them, and put them on. It seems to work pretty well.

When I actually fold the laundry, I mean.

I kind of do what Jody does -- when I find a stray sock, it goes into the drawer of the person it belongs to. Eventually it will have a match, because socks are always going missing or getting a hole or something. That's for me and the kids.

But actually, my husband doesn't match up the socks. He has a drawer full of identical socks so we just toss them in there loose. He pulls two out when he needs them. I have no idea if they go missing or not because they're not paired up and I don't have to care. It's so freeing. A friend of mine in college told me about it. He couldn't understand why I always had colored socks or patterned socks: "why don't you just have a big drawerful of identical socks? It's so much easier!"

I need to do that with the kids, too, now that I think about it. But I hate to get rid of decent socks which we already own. :(

My tactic has been a bunch of identical socks for all the kids. Plain white generic unisex socks. Ben kind of fouled it when he developed a loathing for seams so I bought him a bunch of seamless socks. But for the others I just dump a bunch if socks in each kid's basket. And for Ben I try to make pairs but paired or not all his socks just get dumped in his basket.

I've given up on folding laundry. I just got each kid a little basket on wheels from target and I toss clothes into the correct basket as I unload the dryer. The kids can put them away or leave them on the laundry room and dress from there. It takes a lot of the floor space but now there is no laundry backlog.

I use a plastic ice cream bucket with lid to contain stray socks. The bucket stays in the laundry room until full, then we attempt to match them. Repeat-offender strays are used as dust cloths.

My kids like wearing odd socks. Actually, they create very interesting outfits so the odd socks don't seem out of place. The oldest, however, is 5 so I've only got a few more years before her fashion sense evolves pasts shorts on the outside of leggings and odd socks. I might cry the day she becomes upset that her socks aren't paired. Or I might hunt down the funny looking sock pairers my mom gave me that somehow hold socks together in the wash.

My children also leave a trail of socks behind them where ever they go. Their friends seem too, as well. When the mothers in my building get together it's like a great sock exchange as we try to get socks back to the correct household.

I've got the same Hanes socks. All hail the Hanes system! Peter just outgrew the green writing ones that he and Leo have shared for a few years and has blue writing now. Tim has toddler ones. Mine have pink writing. Dan's are yellow, I think. I buy them in packs of 10 and haven't bothered matching them in pairs since. I had 50 unmatched socks and dozens of matched-with-only-one-partner pairs when I banished them.

For dress socks, Peter's now have 3 yellow lines and Leo's have 2. Tim only has white socks. I usually wear tights or nylons instead. Dan's have full gold toes. All dress socks are black.

Also, most of us go mostly sockless as soon as we can get away with it in MN.

I put unmatched socks in one pocket of the shoe...thing that's hanging inside the closet door. I like the idea of buying all the same brand and just not sorting but it's not possible with the two home situation.

I have suggested that we all wear the same size socks- mine- because my feet are probably the median for the household? Which runs from size 12 men's down to toddler girl. No one else likes the idea. The boys (three and five) dig out socks from the dresser and play with them, and take their socks off the minute they arrive home. It makes me cranky and despairing. I would like to pitch all of the kids' socks and replace them all with ten identical pairs each, but oh, the cash outlay...

I am looking forward to summer and sandals with a vengeance.

We do the identical-loose-socks-in-drawer for dh's socks (my challenge is keeping the ones he purges because they're holey OUT of his drawer and IN the craft drawer), and the all-the-same pairs for most everyone else. The lonely ones go in the top drawer of a small chest of drawers in my closet, and when the drawer gets full or someone complains she doesn't have socks, I pair what I can from the drawer. Until I take it for sorting, it's a one-handed motion with a handful of socks- pull, dump, push.

I could see just tossing them back in the laundry stream, if no place struck you as Stella-safe :) I like the clothespin suggestion, too.

This might be my first time commenting, but the thought of saying "R1 was HIGH" in a cover letter was so satisfying I had to chime in! Also, you called your laundry a cordillera. Yes, this.

I have a reusable grocery bag in the laundry room I use to store the odd socks. Once a month or so I shake it out, match up what I can, and toss the rest. It works, mostly. If I get behind the kids raid it and it makes a huge mess.

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