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March 30, 2013


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Hehe -- I'm not Catholic so I only got about half of that. I admit to completely forgoing Easter egg decorating this year (despite buying an expensive, all-natural dye kit to keep it simple and quiet my conscience) because everyone was so grumpy and tired yesterday I knew it would be a disaster. Doesn't the Easter season last for weeks if you're Catholic? Maybe we can do it tomorrow for Easter Monday :)

Happy Easter, Jamie! I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration!

1. d.

2. Who fills Easter baskets before Saturday night?

3. None of your damn business. :)

4. e. Like every morning.

5. I leave that crafty stuff to the kids.

Blessing Easter baskets! We always did that when I was a kid! I miss it. We'd always beg for ham when we got back from the blessing. :)

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